Farmers vs. Liberty Mutual

Which car insurance do consumers say is best?

Farmers Insurance and Liberty Mutual may be just outside of the top 5 when it comes to car insurance market share in the United States, but the insurers are nonetheless among the most popular in the nation.

We’ve compiled an always up-to-date list of consumer ratings for Farmers and Liberty Mutual, which includes how consumers rate the companies’ price, customer service, claims service and other aspects.

Below, you can find more information about Farmers and Liberty Mutual, in addition to company ratings and discounts the insurance companies offer.

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Farmers vs. Liberty Mutual car insurance rates

Car insurance rates vary by person and location. Rates also depend on the car insurance company you choose. There are many factors that determine the cost you'll pay for car insurance.

In the table below, you can view the national average car insurance rates for Farmers for three different driver profiles for male and female. We are not able to provide national average car insurance rates for Liberty Mutual. Keep in mind these are only national averages for a certain profile. Your car insurance rates will differ from these depending on where you live, your unique driver profile and your coverages, among other things.

Driver profile Farmers average rates Liberty Mutual average rates
Male teen $3,513 N/A
Male adult $1,491 N/A
Male senior $1,168 N/A
Driver profile Farmers average rates Liberty Mutual average rates
Female teen $3,285 N/A
Female adult $1,537 N/A
Female senior $1,085 N/A

To determine the average national rates for male and female drivers for Farmers, we created three driver profiles for both males and females and got rates for drivers for each profile. The profiles for male and female drivers were an 18-year-old teen with state minimum coverages and fair credit; a 35-year-old single adult with 100/300/50 liability limits in addition to full coverage with $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive, a good credit score and one driving violation in the last three years; and a 65-year-old driver with 100/300/50 liability limits in addition to full coverage with $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive, a good credit score and no driving violations in the last three years. Additionally, we averaged the rates in each state we had data for that company. Rate data is provided by Quadrant Information Services.

Farmers Insurance overview

Farmers Insurance, based in Los Angeles, California, operates through a large network of more than 48,000 exclusive and independent agents. In addition to car insurance, Farmers Insurance also sells homeowners, renters, life, business and many others lines of insurance. In fact, one of the ways policyholders can save on their insurance premiums is by insuring multiple products, such as a car and home, with Farmers Insurance.

Similar to many of the nation’s largest car insurers, Farmers Insurance is giving its policyholders a way to prove how good they are as drivers. Farmers Insurance has a program called Signal, which tracks and monitors your driving habits, including your phone use, heavy breaking, excessive speed, the number of miles driven and the time of day you drive. Though this program isn’t available in all states (ask a Farmers agent or check the Farmers website to see if you’re eligible), it can be a great way to earn a cheaper car insurance rate.

Farmers Insurance also has optional coverage for drivers who are afraid their rates will jump after an at-fault accident. If you’ve remained accident free in the past, but have an at-fault accident, Farmers Insurance will forgive one accident for every three years you drive without an accident.

Another add-on coverage that’s growing in popularity is rideshare coverage. While companies such as Uber and Lyft offer some insurance coverage, most insurers exclude personal coverage when you’re driving for a transportation network company, such as Uber or Lyft. But in order to fill in those gaps, companies like Farmers Insurance have now begun offering rideshare insurance as an optional coverage.

Interested in learning more about additional coverage options through Farmers Insurance? You can find a full list of Farmers Insurance’s optional coverages here.

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Liberty Mutual overview

Liberty Mutual employs more than 50,000 employees worldwide and offers a wide range of insurance products. Aside from car insurance, you can also purchase homeowners, renters, life, business, motorcycle and many other types of insurance. If you’re looking to insure multiple products through the same company, Liberty Mutual does have a multi-policy discount to help you save.

If you’re planning to buy collision coverage, Liberty Mutual has a way for you to lower your deductible over time — at some cost to you. The Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund is essentially a way for you to put aside money over time so you don’t have to come up with your entire deductible at once after an at-fault accident that requires a claim. You can read more about the program here, but in essence, you and Liberty Mutual contribute each year to a fund (up to $100 annually) that’s then used to pay your deductible if you have an at-fault collision.

One potential way you can save with Liberty Mutual is by enrolling in the insurer’s usage-based program, which it calls RightTrack. Liberty Mutual monitors your driving habits, and if it deems you to be a safe driver, you can see savings of up to 30 percent. RightTrack monitors things such as your acceleration, hard braking events, the number of miles you drive the time of day you drive and rapid acceleration.

Check out the tables below to see how consumers rate their experience with Liberty Mutual and to learn about other ways you can save on your car insurance with Liberty Mutual.

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How do consumers rate Farmers Insurance and Liberty Mutual?

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