Community guidelines

Effective April 12, 2021

Clearsurance is on a mission: to make insurance transparent so consumers have more control and better choices. We do this through the Clearsurance platform, which allows real, unbiased insurance consumers – people just like you! —to share their insurance experiences with others.

Our goal is to develop a true customer-first insurance marketplace where people can find the best insurance companies and products to meet their specific needs and unique buying preferences. In order to achieve that goal, we must ensure that all users can trust that the content available through Clearsurance is authentic and helpful. That’s why we have developed Community Guidelines (“Community Guidelines”).

If a user violates our Community Guidelines, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, Clearsurance may restrict the user’s ability to post content, remove previously posted content, and/or suspend or terminate the user’s account. If any user suspects misconduct or a violation of our Community Guidelines, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, we encourage the user to contact us at

The term “user” encompasses all users of the Clearsurance platform, including, but not limited to, any consumers, visitors to the Clearsurance website at Insurance providers are stakeholders in the insurance industry including, but not limited to, insurance companies, insurance agents, agencies, insurance brokers, subscribers, advertisers, ad aggregators, etc. We may update and otherwise modify these Community Guidelines at any time in order to better serve our users. Use of the website after any such update or modification confirms your agreement to abide by these Community Guidelines.

Guidelines for content

  • We apply the same standard of review to all content, including, but not limited to, reviews, titles, comments, user names, insurance provider content and posts.

  • All content (including photos, images, files and/or video) must be truthful, accurate and based on the user’s own experiences.

  • Reviews must be a minimum of 100 characters long, without filler language. Clearsurance reads all reviews and reserves the right to remove any review that does not meet this standard. Clearsurance wants its users to learn about and find insurance that works best for them. To accomplish this, Clearsurance requires more of its users and will not publish rudimentary reviews, stating for example, “I like my insurance company.”

  • Clearsurance encourages users to include both positive and negative experiences. The content may be related to claims experiences, buying processes, billing practices, cost, renewal processes, customer service, discounts, policy features and other aspects of the user’s experience with the company or product being reviewed.

  • To ensure that content is consistent with these Community Guidelines, Clearsurance may remove, modify or redact any content that violates these Community Guidelines without notice to the user, including the following:

-- Content that appears to be an advertisement or otherwise unrelated to an actual insurance provider review;

-- Content that personally identifies (including by name, address, email or phone number) a user or someone in the insurance industry who does not wish to be identified. We respect the privacy of individuals using our site. We generally assume that people wish to remain anonymous, with the exception of (i) public figures of the insurance providers reviewed (e.g. CEO, President or other executive) and (ii) insurance agents and insurance brokers who advertise their services in the public marketplace. Clearsurance may allow a user to include part or all of the user’s name within the username utilized on the site;

-- Content that discloses confidential company information, such as customer lists, source code, financials or other proprietary information not publicly available;

-- Irrelevant or confusing content, including, but not limited to, references to third parties unrelated to a review;

-- Profanity;

-- Deliberate misrepresentations or language that encourages criminal behavior, such as fraud, violence or theft;

-- Language that is threatening, inflammatory, harassing, defamatory, pornographic or lewd;

-- Language meant to intimidate or bully others;

-- Repeated posts that make the same point. Do not post the same content multiple times in reviews, comments, etc. or from multiple accounts;

-- Content that contains links to non-Clearsurance sites, or otherwise directs the reader to advertising or solicitations not expressly authorized by Clearsurance; and

-- Language or reviews that otherwise violate the terms of these Community Guidelines.

  • At its discretion, Clearsurance will remove any content that appears to violate copyright or trademark laws.

  • Statements from users that appear to contemplate illegal or dangerous actions may be reported to the proper authorities.

  • We will not remove or delete content because the user provided a low rating or, alternatively, a high rating.

  • Users must provide a valid email address. Clearsurance may disable and/or delete accounts with invalid email addresses. Clearsurance may disable and/or delete content for those accounts with invalid email addresses.

  • Clearsurance will use its discretion to determine if a review is improperly categorized. For example, if a user categorizes a review under homeowners’ insurance, but Clearsurance determines that the review describes an auto insurance experience, Clearsurance may re-characterize the review.

  • We utilize a filter process that includes a team of individuals who read and scrutinize content to determine the content’s authenticity, that the content meets our Community Guidelines and that the content is not inappropriate. If there is questionable content or if the content is flagged, then the content is escalated to our compliance department to determine if the content should be published, removed, redacted and/or modified.

  • We will forward content to our compliance department for further review if we determine that a user who submits content may be violating these Community Guidelines.

  • We do not act as a finder of fact regarding any content.

  • Clearsurance may contact the reviewer for further clarification of any review; however, Clearsurance is not required to contact a user if content is published, removed, redacted and/or modified to meet our Community Guidelines, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. If Clearsurance does reach out to a user regarding content posted by a user, and the user does not respond to Clearsurance’s email attempt, Clearsurance reserves the right to not publish a review, remove a review, redact a review, and/or disable a user’s account.

  • Insurance providers may request that customers post reviews about its company, but not about other companies. We have implemented automated tools (that may include APIs) to identify this content and indicate which reviews are from users that have posted reviews as a result of a solicitation by an insurance provider. Any such review must strictly comply with the Community Guidelines.

  • Content that a user provides must be based on distinct experiences. A user should not post more than one review based on the same incident, line of insurance and insurance provider. Clearsurance will remove reviews that we determine are duplicates.

  • Users may not create multiple accounts and/or false accounts to create multiple reviews. Users may not engage with other users to coordinate efforts to post reviews about a particular company or attempt to manipulate or purposefully impact reviews for a particular company or line of insurance.

  • Users may not impersonate someone else or an insurance provider representative. Users may not repeatedly send messages to an insurance provider.

Guidelines for insurance providers

  • Insurance providers must adhere to all Community Guidelines, though they may post contact information to enable the user to contact the insurance provider directly.

  • An insurance provider may respond to a review, subject to the restrictions set forth in these Community Guidelines.

  • Insurance providers may not post reviews that describe their services (or content that otherwise could be considered an advertisement) or remark on a competing company.

  • Insurance providers may not ask or coerce their employees, subsidiaries or vendors to post untruthful reviews about their own company or other companies.

  • Clearsurance reserves the right to update, edit and/or provide content on the insurance provider’s profile page.

  • By subscribing to the Clearsurance website in any capacity, the subscriber consents to the use of the subscriber’s logo, trademarks and service marks on the Clearsurance website.

  • We encourage insurance providers to subscribe to Clearsurance and post comments replying to user content. In order for an insurance provider to reply to any user content in an official capacity, the insurance provider must subscribe to the Clearsurance website and claim its profile page. Any comment or content posted on behalf of an insurance provider that has not subscribed to the Clearsurance website may be removed.

  • An insurance provider may respond only to reviews pertaining to its own insurance company.

  • Insurance providers must be courteous when replying to users. Please note that users may disagree with a company, but neither party may violate our Community Guidelines, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Participation on the Clearsurance platform relies on the members of our community respecting each other.

  • Insurance providers may not threaten users with legal action.

  • Insurance providers may not accuse a user of review fraud. Rather, if an insurance provider suspects that a review is untruthful or fraudulent, the insurance provider may alert Clearsurance at

  • Insurance providers may not post any names, claim numbers or information that may personally identify a user.

  • Insurance providers may not include in their comments HTML tags, excessive ALL CAPS, repeated text, typographic symbols or slang. Insurance providers should use one correct alphabet for the language in which you are writing. Unreadable or incomprehensible responses will not be accepted.

  • Insurance providers may not offer incentives, directly or indirectly, to write untruthful content. The Clearsurance community relies upon the integrity of all of its users, including insurance providers. Clearsurance may remove any content that it determines is false or misleading.

  • If an insurance provider violates our Community Guidelines, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, Clearsurance will remove the inappropriate content. Additionally, Clearsurance may cancel, suspend, disable and/or revoke the insurance provider’s subscription.

We may revise the provisions of these Community Guidelines from time to time by posting an updated version on Clearsurance and you agree that the revised Community Guidelines will be effective thirty (30) days after the change is posted. Your continued use of Clearsurance is subject to the most current effective version of these Community Guidelines.

If you see something that you believe violates our Community Guidelines, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, please flag the content or reach out to us at

Thank you for helping Clearsurance to make insurance transparent so consumers have more control and better choices

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