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How do customers rate State Farm Insurance?

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State Farm Insurance: Compare Ratings, Rates, Discounts & Coverages

State Farm believes being a good neighbor is about more than just being there when things go wrong. It's also about being there for all of life's moments when things go perfectly right.

With a passion for serving customers and giving back in our communities, State Farm been doing well by doing good for almost 100 years. State Farm has been a trusted neighbor since 1922.

How much does State Farm car insurance cost?

Car insurance rates vary greatly based on many of your unique characteristics including your age, marital status, credit score, where you live, and the company you choose.

In the graph below, you can see the average cost of State Farm car insurance compared to the national average cost of car insurance. The graph is split into four categories: teen driver, single adult, married couple, and senior driver.

The average State Farm car insurance rates for teen driver and senior driver profiles are lower than the national average cost of car insurance, but the average State Farm rates for single adult driver and married couple profiles are higher than the national average.

Please note that these are average car insurance rates based on specific profiles and your rate could be higher or lower based on your unique characteristics that affect car insurance rates.

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How much does State Farm homeowners insurance cost?

Much like car insurance, homeowners insurance also varies based on a number of factors specific to you including the location of your home, your home's condition and age, the size and type of home, the crime rate in your area, your insurance claims history, and your credit score.

In the graph below, you can see the average cost of State Farm homeowners insurance compared to the national average of homeowners insurance. The graph is split into two categories: a home worth $200,000 and a home worth $400,000.

The average State Farm homeowners insurance rates for both home profiles are both lower than the national average of homeowners insurance. Please note that these are average homeowners insurance rates based on specific profiles and your rate could be higher or lower based on your unique characteristics that affect homeowners insurance rates.

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What car insurance discounts does State Farm offer?

Does State Farm have an AARP discount? Can you get a good student discount from State Farm? What about a multi-car discount from State Farm?

In order to keep rates on coverages low, State Farm customers may qualify for one or more discounts on their auto insurance. By taking advantage of one or more discounts you may qualify for cheap State Farm insurance.

These discounts are based off of being a safe driver, driving a safe vehicle, or being a loyal State Farm customer. Note: Discounts may vary by state.

Talk to your insurance agent to see what discount from State Farm you may be eligible for when you get an insurance quote.

Safe driver discounts

  • Accident-Free Discount: Available to policyholders who have been insured by State Farm for 3 consecutive years without a chargeable accident.
  • Defensive Driving Course Discount: Taking a driver safety course, in certain states, may qualify you for auto insurance discounts with State Farm.
  • Student Away at School Discount: Available to State Farm policyholders who have a student under the age of 25, that lives at school and only uses the vehicle during school vacations and holidays.
  • Good Driving Discount: New State Farm policyholders may receive this discount if they have been without an accident for 3 consecutive years.
  • Driver Training Discount: A discount is available to State Farm drivers under the age of 21 who have completed a driver’s education course.
  • Good Student Discount: Students with State Farm insurance coverage may receive a 25 percent discount for receiving good grades in school up until the age of 25.

Safe vehicle discounts

  • Vehicle Safety Discount: For vehicles made in 1994 or later, State Farm may discount up to 40 percent for medical-related coverage.
  • Passive Restraint Discount: Vehicles insured by State Farm that were made after 1993 and include a factory-installed airbag or similar passive restraint device are eligible for a 40 percent medical-related coverage discount.
  • Anti-Theft Discount: Vehicles equipped with anti-theft technology and alarms are eligible for discounts with State Farm.

Discounts for loyal customers

  • Multiple Auto Discount: Up to 20 percent discounts are available if two or more vehicles in your household are insured by State Farm.
  • Multiple Line Discount: Up to 17 percent discount if you combine State Farm auto insurance with State Farm homeowners, renters, condo, or life insurance.

What homeowners insurance discounts does State Farm offer?

  • Multiple Line Discount: If you bundle multiple lines of insurance with State Farm, such as your home and auto, you'll qualify for this discount.
  • Home Alert Protection Discount: You may qualify for this State Farm discount if your home is equipped with fire, smoke, or burglar alarms or any other home monitoring system.
  • Roofing Discounts: If your home has certain impact-resistant roofing products, you may qualify for a discount.

What coverages does State Farm Insurance offer?

What optional car insurance coverages are offered by State Farm?

State Farm offers some specialty coverages in the form of different types of car insurance that you can add to a State Farm car insurance policy.

Car Rental and Travel Expenses Coverage: This coverage is an optional car insurance coverage that can be added to your State Farm car insurance policy. It includes rental car reimbursement to help with the expenses of a rental car while your car needs repairs. It also includes travel expense coverage to help pay for meals, lodging and transportation if you're in a car accident that is more than 50 miles away from your home.

Emergency Road Service Coverage: State Farm offers emergency road service coverage to help you if your car breaks down. It helps you with service at the breakdown site, towing to the nearest repair shop if your car isn't driveable, delivery of gas and other fluid and locksmith service.

Rideshare Driver Coverage: State Farm offers rideshare insurance for people who drive for a rideshare company like Lyft or Uber and have a State Farm car insurance policy.

Below is a list of other insurance products offered by State Farm.

What is considered low mileage for State Farm?

State Farm offers a low-mileage discount to policyholders who don't drive many miles. State Farm considers low mileage as less than 7,500 miles for personal use a year.

Does State Farm give seniors a discount?

State Farm doesn't offer a specific senior discount. However, if you're a senior driver shopping for car insurance, you may want to consider getting a quote from State Farm. State Farm rates for senior drivers are often considered affordable compared to other companies. It's important to remember that the best way to find out what discounts you may qualify for is to talk to an agent.

Is State Farm Drive Safe and Save worth it?

State Farm Drive Safe and Save is a driver tracking program that monitors your driving habits to potentially offer you a discount for being a safe driver. It tracks accelerating and braking, your mileage, your speed, and what time of day you drive. State Farm advertises that you can save up to 30 percent on your car insurance with State Farm. If you're a safe driver, Drive Safe and Save may be worth it to save you money on car insurance. The app puts you in control of your discount and saves you money just for signing up. It connects with the Bluetooth beacon and automatically records trips. It helps you drive better, and smarter because it limits things like excessive speed, hard stops, driving at night, or driving while fatigued and impaired.

Drive Safe and Save won't directly raise your rates based on our driving habits, but since one of the things the program monitors is the number of miles you drive, your rates could increase if you had the low mileage discount on your policy and the program tracks that you've driven more miles than estimated. In this case, you wouldn't be eligible for the low-mileage discount any longer and your rates could go up because of that. You learn more about the program in Clearsurance’s State Farm Drive Safe and Save review.

Does State Farm offer discounts for home security?

State Farm offers a Home Alert Protection Discount on homeowners insurance. If your home has fire, smoke, burglar alarms or any other home monitoring and alert systems, you could qualify for this discount from State Farm.

What more should you know about State Farm Insurance?

State Farm's website is a great place to learn more about their offerings, make a payment, submit a claim, receive roadside assistance, or request support.

State Farm has created four mobile apps to make insurance easier. State Farm Mobile allows you to have direct access to everything State Farm has to offer. You can register your account, view your insurance card, submit a claim, access your State Farm Bank account, locate an agent and more straight through your phone.

State Farm's Car Capture app allows users to take a photo of a car they are interested in buying and then they are provided with information such as where to buy, features available, insurance quotes, and more.

Steer Clear mobile app allows for drivers under the age of 25 to reinforce safe driving habits. Through this app, State Farm users are able to receive safe driver discounts, learn safe driving behaviors, and find insurance agents.

Drive Safe & Save mobile app allows State Farm users in certain states to sync their BlueTooth eligible device to collect information in regards to driving patterns. This information is then used to calculate discounts on your State Farm insurance rates.

In addition to their wide variety of insurance services, State Farm also provides banking and financial services.

What states does State Farm Insurance do business in?

State Farm Insurance sells car, homeowners, renters, motorcycle and life insurance in 50 states and Washington, D.C.. See the state State Farm Insurance sells in below and click the link to see how State Farm Insurance compares to the other top companies in that state.

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