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AAA is well known for its roadside assistance services, including towing, jumping dead batteries and changing flat tires. Roadside assistance is available through a variety of different companies, but AAA remains one of the most popular throughout the country. Is AAA roadside assistance worth it compared to other roadside assistance programs, including ones that might already be included in your insurance policy? Read on to find out more about AAA roadside assistance, and read unbiased AAA roadside assistance reviews from consumers.

What services does AAA roadside assistance offer?

AAA roadside assistance offers services that include towing, fuel delivery, flat tire services, battery jumps and car lockout services. These services have limits that vary in the mileage for towing, and the amount of services allowed per year depends on the type of membership you choose to purchase. These services can be used anywhere in the country, but may take longer to reach you depending on how far away the local AAA service center is.

A AAA membership also includes discounts to some body shops, various restaurants and other attractions for its members. AAA also sells car insurance, and roadside assistance can be purchased at a discounted rate when combined with your auto insurance policy.

One Clearsurance reviewer said this of their AAA membership, “I'm kinda young, 21, and I just bought my first car with my money. AAA had the best rates for what I got. They have a good amount of discounts available… The roadside assistance was VERY quick to respond when my old car failed to start and I get great deals on many hotels and restaurants (if you're a AAA member, which doesn't cost that much a year and lowers your auto insurance as well). I love this insurance and love all the benefits that come with it. My only real complaint is the premiums, but you can lower them if you have the funds. I'm in college, so I'm kind of stuck with high premiums until I'm out and can afford higher monthly payments.”

How much does AAA roadside assistance cost?

AAA roadside assistance costs an average of $56 for a Classic membership, $92 a year for a Plus membership and $120.50 a year for a Premier membership. The cost of a AAA roadside assistance membership varies by where you live and what regional club you belong to. For instance, the classic membership cost in the South Club is $67 while the classic membership cost in for the Northern New England Club is $51 a year. See the chart below to see the cost breakdown of a AAA roadside assistance membership.

Level of Membership Average cost Typical Services
Classic $56 a year, $36.50 per additional member Up to 3-7 miles of towing, car lockout services up to $50, fuel services, dead battery services
Plus $92 a year, $57 per additional member Up to 100 miles of towing, car lockout services up to $100, fuel services, dead battery services
Premier $120.50 a year, $77 per additional member Up to 500 miles of towing, car and home lockout services up to $150, fuel services, dead battery services, trip disruption coverage, one free day of a rental car

How does AAA compare to other roadside assistance programs?

Many other insurance companies offer roadside assistance as an add-on coverage to their auto insurance, but not many companies offer it as a separate program like AAA does. A company called Good Sam offers roadside assistance, but it’s more geared towards providing RV roadside assistance. Some insurance companies, such as Allstate and State Farm, offer similar roadside assistance programs to those who aren’t insurance customers, but they can be slightly more expensive for those who don’t have a current policy with them.

One previous customer of Liberty Mutual, which also offers a roadside assistance program, said this about switching to AAA, “Shopped for another carrier after Liberty Mutual jacked up my rates after 0 claims for 4 years. Liked what I heard from AAA and gave them a shot. Installed their OnBoard driving monitor and, even though the app does not work very well, we received a 25% discount after the first year of coverage. In addition, the first year rates, even with the addition of the charges for the roadside assistance program, were already lower than Liberty Mutual.”

AAA roadside assistance reviews from consumers

When looking through AAA reviews on its roadside assistance program, most customers are happy with the service they’ve received. Additionally, many customers have remarked about the fair price of AAA roadside assistance.

One longtime AAA member wrote, “I have had excellent experience with AAA for over 20 years now. I started as a roadside assistance member, then switched to their insurance when my previous carrier kept upping my rates. I felt no loyalty to that company, since their customer service was lagging. I probably wouldn't have even been looking to switch if I had been treated better as a customer. I think AAA understands that, and I hope to be a customer for all of my driving life.”

Another wrote a review that they titled top notch roadside assistance and said, “They were awesome with roadside assistance, I locked my keys in my car so many times and every single time they were more than happy to help me!”

One AAA member described a situation when they needed help after a flat tire, saying, “I recently had a flat tire. I was stuck on the side of the highway, and AAA was very helpful when I called. They even provided me with safety precautions.”

AAA roadside assistance offers the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected in the event of a roadside emergency, whether it be a flat tire or a dead battery. In every level of AAA’s roadside assistance membership, you have some form of coverage in the event of an emergency.

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