How do customers rate Farm Bureau Insurance?

are likely to renew their policy
are likely to renew their policy
are likely to renew their policy

Michigan Farm Bureau: Compare Ratings, Rates, Discounts & Coverages

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan was founded in 1949 and provides coverage to all areas of Michigan. Michigan Farm Bureau represents farms of all sizes and remains Michigan’s largest general farm organization. Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, it offers many lines of insurance for families and businesses.

How much does Michigan Farm Bureau homeowners insurance cost?

While car insurance rates in Michigan are some of the highest in the country, homeowners insurance rates tend to be more reasonable. Homeowners insurance rates vary on factors such as the location of your home, your home’s condition and age, the size and type of home, the crime rate in your area, your claim history and your credit score. In the graph below, you can see the average cost of Michigan Farm Bureau homeowners insurance compared to the average cost of homeowners insurance in Michigan. The graph is split into two categories: a home worth $200,000 and a home worth $400,000.

The average Michigan Farm Bureau homeowners insurance rates for both the $200K home and $400K home are lower than the average homeowners insurance cost in Michigan. Please note that these are average homeowners insurance rates based on specific profiles and your rate could be higher or lower based on your unique characteristics that affect homeowners insurance rates.

Michigan Farm Bureau homeowners insurance rates

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What car insurance discounts and credits does Michigan Farm Bureau offer?

  • Safe Driver Credit: If each driver to the insured vehicle is at least 19 years old and maintains an accident and conviction-free driving record, you may qualify for this credit on your insurance
  • Multi-Auto Credit: Receive this credit if you have two or more private cars on your policy
  • Multi-Policy Credit: Having multiple policies with Michigan Farm Bureau, including a Farm Bureau Insurance Family Auto policy and a Farm Bureau Insurance Homeowners, Lake Estate®, Farmowners, Country Estate or Mobile Homeowners will qualify you for this credit
  • Vehicle Safety Credits: If you have air bags, anti-lock brakes and theft prevention devices, this program is available to save you money
  • Continuous Coverage Credit: This accident-free, continuous coverage credit is available if you keep your vehicles insured with Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan and practice safe driving
  • SmartPay Discount: Earn this discount by paying your premium all at once or using Farm Bureau of Michigan’s EFT option to pay. SmartPay consists of pay plan, pay method, and billing history

What coverages does Farm Bureau Insurance offer?

Specialty Coverage

Business insurance

Specialty Coverage

Classic car insurance

Specialty Coverage

Commercial auto insurance

Specialty Coverage

Farm insurance

Specialty Coverage

Motorhome Insurance

Specialty Coverage

Trailer Insurance

More about Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan

A homeowners policy with Farm Bureau of Michigan will grant you access to MyHomeWorks, which is a program that provides you with services, tools and information to help you save energy with systems that run your home.

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan offers life and health insurance in addition to all other lines. They also have services to help with retirement planning.

A membership with Michigan Farm Bureau grants you access to much more than just insurance services. Earn savings to various stores and brands as well as discounts on event tickets, travel and medical services.

What states does Farm Bureau Insurance do business in?

Farm Bureau Insurance sells car, homeowners, renters and motorcycle insurance in 1 state. See the state Farm Bureau Insurance sells in below and click the link to see how Farm Bureau Insurance compares to the other top companies in that state.

Farm Bureau Insurance mission

At Farm Bureau Insurance we’re dedicated to serving Michigan - and only Michigan. We were founded in 1949 by Michigan farmers - members of Michigan Farm Bureau - who wanted an insurance company that worked as hard as they did, gave honest service, and cared about Michigan’s future. With over 800 associates and nearly 450 agents spread across all regions of the Great Lake state, we are prepared to protect you from the risks of everyday life.