Progressive vs. USAA

Which car insurance do consumers say is best?

Despite only being available to active and former military members and their families, USAA is among the five largest car insurance companies in the country. Progressive, meanwhile, is the third largest in the nation with a 9.9 percent market share.

While both auto insurance companies are widely used around the country, which of these do consumers prefer? We’ve collected thousands of reviews and ratings from consumers of both USAA and Progressive, which has allowed us to compare which company consumers say is best.

Check out what these companies offer, what discounts they have and a side-by-side comparison of the consumer ratings for Progressive and USAA below.

It's a great idea to look for competitive rates, especially if you're looking for more than just standard coverage. You'll want to look at quality service as well as a low annual rate. This is why researching the insurance market is just as important as customer reviews. If you need help looking for an auto insurance policy, try our online, free tool.

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Progressive vs. USAA Car Insurance Rates

Which car insurance company offers cheaper car insurance rates, Progressive or USAA? While the rates the companies offer will vary by person and location, we've gathered average national rates to provide a comparison of Progressive and USAA. There are various factors that insurance providers will use, such as ZIP code, driving record, and a wide range of other details from your life.

In the table below, compare the average national car insurance rates for Progressive and USAA for three different driver profiles for male and female. Keep in mind these are only national averages for a certain profile. Your car insurance rates will differ from these depending on where you live, your unique driver profile and your coverages, among other things.

Driver profile Progressive average rates USAA average rates
Male teen $2,953 $1,092
Male adult $1,523 $1,120
Male senior $1,190 $811
Driver profile Progressive average rates USAA average rates
Female teen $2,706 $1,023
Female adult $1,575 $1,106
Female senior $1,143 $806

To determine the average national rates for male and female drivers for Progressive and USAA, we created three driver profiles for both males and females and got rates for drivers for each profile. The profiles for male and female drivers were an 18-year-old teen with state minimum coverages and fair credit; a 35-year-old single adult with 100/300/50 liability limits in addition to full coverage with $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive, a good credit score and one driving violation in the last three years; and a 65-year-old driver with 100/300/50 liability limits in addition to full coverage with $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive, a good credit score and no driving violations in the last three years. Additionally, we averaged the rates in each state we had data for that company. Rate data is provided by Quadrant Information Services.

Progressive Overview

Progressive’s largest focus in the insurance industry is car insurance where it serves more than 18 million drivers. You’ll find other coverages on Progressive’s website, such as homeowners and renters insurance, though these products are sold through non-affiliated insurance companies. But if you’re interested in car insurance through Progressive and want to save money, you can bundle policies with Progressive to earn a discount.

Progressive has a popular usage-based insurance program called Snapshot. By enrolling in Snapshot, Progressive policyholders can earn a discount after six months if they demonstrate safe driving habits while being monitored through the app or an OBD plug-in. One unique aspect about the Snapshot program is that participants can actually have their rate increase if Progressive views them as a risky driver based on their monitored driving habits.

The Ohio-based company is also an option for drivers who work for a transportation network company (TNC), such as Uber or Lyft. Progressive offers rideshare insurance, which covers the gaps between a personal insurance policy and the insurance provided by the TNC.

Another optional coverage available through Progressive is the deductible savings bank. This coverage is just like the name indicates — policyholders with collision and/or comprehensive coverage can have their deductible reduced by $50 every six months they are claim-free. So if a Progressive driver enrolled in the program has a $500 deductible and goes five straight years without a claim, the savings bank would cover the deductible after a claim, rather than the driver being responsible for the deductible out-of-pocket. But keep in mind this is an additional coverage option, meaning you’ll be paying for it.

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USAA Overview

USAA was rated as the top car insurance company for 2019 as well as the best homeowners and best renters insurance company for 2019.

Among the ways that USAA tries to help good drivers who are loyal to USAA save money is its accident forgiveness policy. If you go five straight years with USAA accident free, then your premium won’t increase after one at-fault accident. And in select states, you may purchase this additional feature.

Similar to Progressive, USAA offers rideshare insurance to help cover the gaps between your personal insurance policy and the coverage provided by the transportation network company you’re driving for. USAA advertises you can obtain this additional coverage for as little as $6 more per month.

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Many USAA policyholders complement the company for its excellent customer service, and you can learn more about how USAA stacks up against Progressive by comparing the consumer ratings of the two companies in the table below.

If you're a customer who is looking for a lower rate on their insurance premium, you may want to do some comparison shopping. Not just for the lowest rates, but for the companies who offer solid auto policies as well as a variety of coverage options. We also have a free tool that will let you compare quotes from different companies to ensure you can get affordable coverage.

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