What do customers think of Meemic Insurance? An analysis of Clearsurance reviews

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There are so many insurance choices out there that it can feel overwhelming when faced with a need to select an insurance company. Along with a large number of national insurance companies that provide a wide variety of products and policies, there are also many specialty associations that offer insurance for specific groups of people.

These mutual insurance companies are typically focused on providing insurance products to specific groups. There are employment groups, such as educators or members of the military, or associations by age, such as those nearing or at retirement age.

This is the case for Meemic Insurance, which is a top choice for car insurance for teachers. Meemic started out as the Michigan Educational Employees Mutual Insurance Company, with the acronym M.E.E.M.I.C. Now, it’s known simply as “Meemic” and it’s an insurance company that serves educators.

Who is eligible for Meemic Insurance?

Meemic is insurance designed for educators, so those eligible are either teachers or on the staff at schools. This includes public, private, parochial or charter schools from elementary through high school, or those on staff at a college or university. Retirees from these institutions are also eligible to join Meemic.

So, those who can join Meemic Insurance is limited to educators and staff members who work in schools. However, the school levels are quite expansive, reaching across private and public, and elementary all the way up to higher education and universities.

Where can you get Meemic Insurance?

Meemic Insurance Company provides insurance for teachers and educators in the following states: Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Meemic Insurance reviews from Clearsurance.com

While it is only available in a limited number of states, and only open to educators and staff at schools, Meemic Insurance Company has received a strong volume of reviews on the Clearsurance reviews platform. Meemic Insurance has received solid positive ratings from its customers, overall scoring 4.12 stars out of a possible five.

More than 70 percent (71.3%) of Meemic insurance reviews rate the company as “excellent,” with an additional 20 percent rating it “great.” Fewer than five percent (4.4%) rate Meemic Insurance as “poor.”

Meemic Insurance offers policies for homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and auto insurance. Other policies you can get through Meemic include motorcycle coverage, RV insurance, and life insurance.

Meemic Insurance Reviews

When reading a typical Meemic Insurance review, customers note that it is a “fantastic company” and “very convenient” to get a hold of when needed. Filing claims is “painless” and the response time from the company is good. Based on Meemic reviews on Clearsurance.com, the majority of policyholders have a positive experience with the company. Here are some examples of Meemic car and home insurance reviews:

Meemic review on Clearsurance by user jdash.

The Meemic Insurance review above was written by user jdash on Clearsurance.

Meemic review on Clearsurance by user Jtgossen.

The Meemic Insurance review above was written by user Jtgossen on Clearsurance.

Meemic review on Clearsurance by user Teddie.

The Meemic Insurance review above was written by user Teddie on Clearsurance.

While the majority of Meemic’s auto and home insurance reviews on Clearsurance.com are positive, not all of them are. Here is an example of a negative Meemic auto insurance review:

Meemic review on Clearsurance by user AeroHydra.

The Meemic Insurance review above was written by user AeroHydra on Clearsurance.

Meemic does have a few negative reviews, but the company tends to respond to all reviews to try to offer support for the negative experience.

For more car insurance reviews, visit Meemic’s reviews page on Clearsurance.com.

Teachers have many options to choose from when they are looking for insurance policies. From car insurance to homeowners or renters, it’s good to research your options before settling on an insurance company. Meemic auto insurance might be the right fit for you, if you work as an educator in one of the states in which they offer policies.

Image source: Ryan Kashmark/shutterstock.com

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