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 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption and North Equity partner to give auto and homeowners access to cheaper and better car and home insurance

Clearsurance and North Equity announce partnership to give auto and homeowners better access to cheaper and better car and home insurance.

Clearsurance announces the best of 2020 insurance companies ranking based on customer reviews

Clearsurance announces the consumers' choice for best car, home, and renters insurance companies for 2020, based on consumer review data. See the companies here.

Clearsurance announces the most reliable homeowner insurance companies in California for 2019

Clearsurance announces first reliable company list derived solely from thousands of unbiased policyholder reviews written in 2019.

Clearsurance announces strategic partnership with BenefitHub to help employees make informed insurance decisions

Clearsurance, the independent rating and review insurance marketplace for consumers, and BenefitHub, the world’s largest employee benefits portal to more than 10,000 companies and 50 million employees in five countries, have announced the signing of a multi-tiered strategic partnership.

Clearsurance community names Lemonade the Most Innovative Insurer of 2019 based on customer review data

Founded less than five years ago, Lemonade has been ranked the No. 1 renters insurance company in the company based on customer review data.

Clearsurance launches insurance industry's first algorithmic Recommendation Engine to help consumers make informed decisions

Clearsurance, a peer review site brings users world's first unbiased marketplace for insurance recommendations powered by customer data.

Clearsurance launches agents on its insurance marketplace

Consumers now have the ability to rate and review their insurance agents on Clearsurance, which has more than 130,000 insurance reviews.

Clearsurance paves the way for the future of women in tech

The tech industry is shifting toward a more female-friendly environment. Clearsurance is taking the lead with more than half of its senior executive positions held by women.

RiskMatch founder Kabir Syed joins the Clearsurance Board

Kabir Syed, the former founder and CEO of RiskMatch will bring over 20 years of insurance industry experience to the Board at Clearsurance.

Clearsurance publishes the best consumer-rated car, homeowners and renters insurance companies for 2019

USAA claimed the top spot for best car, homeowners and renters insurance company based on thousands of consumer reviews on Clearsurance.

Clearsurance sets agent release date; announces hire of company President Jonathan Davis

Clearsurance announced it will add agents to its platform in the first quarter of 2019. Additionally, the company has hired Jonathan Davis as its President.

AccuWeather: What homeowners need to know about fire insurance

AccuWeather interviewed Clearsurance CEO Michael Crowe on wildfire insurance coverage and what to consider when filing a claim.

Wall Street Journal: Want to shop for car Insurance online? Prepare for a bumpy ride

The Wall Street Journal cited Clearsurance data on consumers' experiences using online price-comparison websites when shopping for car insurance online.

CoverHound and Clearsurance partner to enhance transparency for insurance consumers

CoverHound and Clearsurance have partnered together to empower insurance consumers by offering transparent insurance choices and competitive rates.

MarketWatch: Home insurance usually covers damage from a volcano or wildfire, but not a flood

MarketWatch interviewed Clearsurance CEO Michael Crowe to learn more about why flood insurance isn't covered in a standard homeowners insurance policy.

Clearsurance users identify the top 10 states with the most and least happy car insurance policyholders

West Virginia ranks as the happiest state for car insurance policyholders while Nevada was named as least happy state among auto insurance policyholders.

Top software engineer Andy Singleton joins the Clearsurance Board

Clearsurance welcomes Andy Singleton, the original architect at SNL Securities, to its Board of Directors. He will provide strategic technical counsel and direction.

Clearsurance community feedback uncovers consumers’ struggles with the Florida homeowners insurance market

As the 2018 hurricane season begins, Florida homeowners insurance policyholders may be at risk. Clearsurance research revealed consumers' issues with the market.

Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
Compare Free Insurance Quotes Instantly
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 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption