Wedding insurance: Protecting your big day from disaster

Tables and chairs lined up for the reception at a wedding venue that has wedding insurance.

A wedding day is something that people often begin to dream about at a young age. A lot of planning goes into this special day, but it’s difficult to prepare for some of the unexpected disasters that are possible. However, a wedding insurance policy can protect the time and money you’ve invested to give you peace of mind that your wedding is protected from disaster.

What is wedding insurance and what does it cover?

Wedding insurance is a type of special event insurance that covers the wedding itself from things that are out of the couple’s control. In 2020, the average cost of a wedding was $28,000. A wedding insurance policy will cover you if something happens during your wedding or if you must postpone the wedding for covered reasons, leaving you with non-refundable things that would need to be replaced.

Here are goods and services that wedding insurance policies typically cover:

  • The cost associated with a venue canceling your ceremony for various reasons or if you need to postpone the wedding due to an emergency, unfortunate event, or extreme weather;
  • Stolen or lost gifts;
  • Damage to the bride’s gown and groom’s tuxedo — these items can also be covered if they are lost;
  • Vendors that fail to show up on the big day (photographer, food, cake, limo service, flowers, etc.);
  • Liability if someone becomes ill or injured at the wedding and if the venue experiences any damage from your event.

The venue is likely the biggest expense that you’ll have for your big day. If the venue you planned to have your wedding at is damaged from weather, fire, or the venue must cancel your ceremony and you are not able to have your event there, wedding insurance may cover it. Sometimes venues will already have insurance for unavoidable cancellations, so make sure you check with the location before purchasing a policy to make sure you are not paying extra for something you don’t need. Another thing to look into is if your homeowners or renters insurance policy would cover liability for an event.

What wedding insurance doesn’t cover

It may seem like wedding insurance will cover almost any disaster that could happen, but there are a few things that aren’t covered. Unfortunately, your wedding insurance policy will not cover the situation where the bride or groom gets cold feet on the big day. Although the policy will cover the cost associated with extreme weather if you need to postpone the wedding, but it will not cover normal weather like rain. If your photographer does a bad job with your photos, you unfortunately will not be covered. Additionally, your engagement ring will not be covered. To learn how you can insure your engagement ring, you can read our blog on adding an engagement ring to your homeowners insurance or renters insurance policy.

Accidents and emergencies do happen – don’t let them get in the way of your important life milestone. Protect yourself from the financial burden that can come along with wedding catastrophes.

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