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How do customers rate Swyfft Insurance?

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are likely to renew their policy
are likely to renew their policy

Swyfft Insurance ratings and coverages

What coverages does Swyfft Insurance offer?

  • Other structures: covers other structures not attached to your home that are on your property such as a barn, detached garage or storage shed.
  • Dwelling: covers the cost to replace or repair your home including roof, cabinets, walls, and more.
  • Additional living Expenses: if you suffer a loss that leaves your home uninhabitable, this covers the expense of a hotel or temporary living space while your home is being repaired.
  • Personal Property Coverage: covers the replacement of your personal property including your personal belongings and household contents. It also includes personal items your children may have with them while living remotely for school.
  • Personal Liability: covers you if a claim is made against you for bodily injury or property damage that occurs on your property as a result of your actions.
  • Medical Expenses : covers medical expenses for a visitor if they are injured while on your property.

Additional coverages include equipment breakdown which covers mechanical, electrical, or pressure system breakdown not covered under the home policy. This includes air conditioners, pool pumps, security systems, etc.

Does Swyfft offer any discounts?

The company doesn't advertise discounts on any of their insurance products. When you enter the information, like the address of one of your properties that you would like to cover with Swyfft home insurance, it looks at the specific details of customers' homes.

You will have to enter your property address and then you will be able to look at an onscreen estimation tool that shows you what coverages are available and how different features can impact your insurance rates. It appears this feature is currently only available for homes, not other property types. If you need help getting a quote, covering multiple properties, or have any questions, there are always employees on standby to offer assistance.

Can I make online payments with Swyfft?

Yes, the business provides consumers the ability to make online payments as long as you have your policy number and zip code. The dedication that Swyfft has to technology is what sets it apart from the rest of the insurance industry.

In addition to online payments, Swyfft has a full website dedicated to making any process easier to promote positive customer experiences. You can get a quote, check out different insurance coverages, manage your insurance policies, contact the insurance company, make your payments, and go all the way through the claims process online.

To report a claim, select the type of policy and their claims team will help you start the process and schedule repairs if necessary.

What forms of payment are accepted by Swyfft?

Like many other companies, this one accepts major credit and debit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. You can pick the payment option that works best for you with Swyfft.

Swyfft Insurance mission

Home insurance with just an address - quote and buy in less than a minute using only the location of your home.

Better Risk Prediction - LIDAR (light detection and ranging) data in our modeling allows us to gather and examine 3D information about natural and manmade environments, meaning we can assess risk at a specific address with a precision that is unavailable to other insurers.

Better Prices - with our powerful insights, we pass any benefits back to homeowners. We estimate almost half of US homeowners could save 10-20% per year with Swyfft versus other insurers.

Easy claims handling - our in-house claims professionals and industry partner companies use the latest in technology, making the claims experience top-notch. File claims in minutes online or over the phone 24/7.

Swyfft Insurance Awards & Accolades

  • BBB A+ Accredited Trusted Choice Partner Coverage rated A- Excellent by A.M. Best
Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
Compare Free Insurance Quotes Instantly
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