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Spire Insurance ratings and coverages

Nationwide introduced Spire, a new digital insurance platform in September of 2019. Spire is a technology focused car insurance company that offers transparent and straightforward car insurance rates. Unlike other companies that base your car insurance rates on a number of factors, including your gender, marital status, and employment status, Spire only bases your rates on how you drive (your driving record), where you drive, what you drive (type of car and registered drivers), and who you are (age, payment history, and years with prior insurer).

You can get a Spire car insurance quote in as little as 60 seconds through the mobile app. It allows users to get a quote just by scanning their license plate and answering 4 questions: Where you park, how many miles you drive, do you lease or own your car and have you had more than two tickets in the last year?

Once you join Spire, you will need to download the Spire mobile app to your smartphone and turn on location services. The Spire app tracks your driving behavior so that Spire can give you a drive score to offer you rewards for safe driving and help you understand your driving better. Spire tracks distracted driving, hard braking, hard cornering, speeding, and acceleration to issue you a score out of 100 points. The app is meant to encourage people to be more safe and cautious and provide rewards for safe drivers.

Spire discounts and rewards

Spire says it offers transparent and straightforward car insurance rates that are affordable so that you won’t need any car insurance discounts.

Spire offers a rewards program that issues users discounts for safe driving. Once you take 50 trips with each being 5 miles or more with a drive score of 90 or above, you’re eligible for a $10 reward to places such as Lyft or Amazon. A customer is eligible for a new reward every quarter.

What coverages does Spire Insurance offer?

Spire offers two types of car packages for its customers: Spire Classic and Spire Deluxe.

Spire Classic: This package has a deductible of $500, doctor and hospital bills for you and your passenger(s) up to $2,500 and for others who were involved in an accident up to $50,000, rental car reimbursement, and more!

Spire Deluxe: This package has a deductible of $1,000, doctor and hospitable bills for you and your passenger(s) up to $5,000 and for others who were involved in an accident up to $100,000, towing costs up to 100 miles, and more!

Spire offers a number of car insurance coverage benefits on each of the car insurance packages it offers. The following coverages are included on both the Spire Classic and the Spire Deluxe packages.

Roadside assistance: Spire offers roadside assistance as an included benefit on all policies. Roadside assistance can help you if you are stuck on the road due to an issue with your car including a mechanical breakdown, you ran out of fuel, your battery is dead, you’re locked out of your car, and more.

Key replacement: If you need a car key replacement, your Spire car insurance policy may help pay for the cost to replace it.

Vet bills due to an accident: If your pet is in the car with you when you’re involved in a car accident and needs veterinary care, this will help you pay for the cost of your pet’s vet bills.

Towing: Spire offers up to 15 miles of towing included on the Spire Classic package, and up to 100 miles of towing on the Spire Deluxe package.

The following benefits are included on the Spire Deluxe package, but not the Spire Classic package.

New car replacement: With new car replacement coverage, if your car is totaled, your Spire Deluxe car insurance policy will cover the cost for you to get a new car, rather than giving you actual cash value for the totaled car.

Repairs with original manufacturer equipment: If your car is damaged and needs repairs, sometimes repair shops will replace the damaged parts with aftermarket parts. With this coverage on a Spire Deluxe policy, you will be covered for the cost to have your car repaired with original manufacturer parts, rather than aftermarket ones.

Vanishing deductible: A vanishing deductible is usually an optional feature that you can add to a car insurance policy, but it’s included on the Spire Deluxe policy. If you are a safe driver, you could be rewarded with a deductible that disappears over time.

Trip interruption insurance: Trip interruption insurance coverage is included on a Spire Deluxe policy. If you are traveling and your trip is cut short because of an issue with your car, trip interruption coverage helps cover the cost of extra expenses you experience, including meals and lodging.

For a complete list of the car insurance coverages offered by Spire, be sure to check your policy.

More about Spire

Spire promises to keep your driving information private. It will not be shared outside the Nationwide group of companies.

Everything you need can be found in the Spire mobile app including: ID card, manage your account, drive score, rewards, roadside assistance, and view trip details.

Spire doesn’t use insurance agents, but you can call Spire to speak to a representative if needed.

Spire has a referral program. If you refer a friend to Spire, you’ll earn $25 once they get a Spire quote. You can earn up to $500 per year with the referral program.

Out of the five factors that the Spire app tracks while you're driving, speeding and distracted driving have the most impact on your overall drive score the most because they are the most dangerous.

What states does Spire Insurance do business in?

Spire Insurance sells car insurance in 1 state. See the state Spire Insurance sells in below and click the link to see how Spire Insurance compares to the other top companies in that state.

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Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
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