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Rivian Insurance Services LLC ratings and coverages

##What is Rivian car insurance? Rivian, a new electric-vehicle brand, created Rivian Insurance Services to provide its drivers with cheaper insurance rates. It provides only Rivian car insurance.

Electric vehicles typically receive much higher than average car insurance quotes. In part, this is because the cars often require specialized mechanics, and it costs more than average to repair some of the state-of-the-art technology.

Rivian partnered with Nationwide Car Insurance Company and The Cincinnati Insurance Company to create a collaborative insurance company that underwrites informed policies specifically for off-roading, fully electric vehicles.

While Nationwide or The Cincinnati may underwrite your policy, you still use a Rivian branded app and pay your monthly bill to Rivian Insurance Services LLC.

To buy Rivian car insurance, you must purchase a Rivian vehicle. Currently, the company sells the R1S, a sports utility vehicle (SUV), and the R1T truck.

The vehicles also feature sustainably-made, recyclable, animal-free interiors. The batteries are also easily removable and partially recyclable at the end of the vehicle’s life.

Each car manufactured by Rivian comes equipped with Driver+ Highway Assist technology. It controls your car’s steering, brakes, and acceleration on specific highways and can even change lanes at your command.

Drive+ uses multiple cameras, radars, and sensors to provide you with a 360-degree field of vision around your car. Plus, Rivian drivers can earn up to a 15% rate reduction at the policy renewal term by utilizing this feature.

But you won’t see many Rivians on the roads just yet. At this time, the company is still delivering its first fleet of vehicles to customers.

Unfortunately, Rivian car insurance rates are also not publicly available. However, car insurance prices for similar electric cars, like the Tesla Model S, average $225 per month or $2,700 annually.

While Rivian financial rankings and customer reviews are limited, the company is Better Business Bureau accredited and earned an A ranking.

We’ll know more about customer experiences with Rivian Insurance as more drivers receive their vehicles.

Technically, Nationwide, one of the leading insurance companies in the industry, backs Rivian Insurance. Nationwide currently holds an A+ A.M. Best score, an A1 Moody’s score, and an A+ Standard & Poor’s rating.

These rankings imply that through its partnership with Nationwide, Rivian Insurance Services LLC. is in a solid financial position and can reliably close out any claims.

What coverages does Rivian Insurance Services LLC offer?

##What coverage does Rivian car insurance offer? At this time, Rivian Insurance does not advertise what specific car insurance coverage options it sells to drivers. To know more about what options are available to you, you must email the company directly.

However, because it underwrites in 48 states, the company sells at least the legally required coverages in each state where it operates.

This includes liability insurance, personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments (MedPay) coverage, collision and comprehensive coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Because Rivian Insurance sells car insurance policies specifically to people who own Rivian vehicles, all policies also account for off-roading and company-branded materials.

Plus, if you sign up for a Rivian Membership, a user benefit that exists in tandem with the insurance services, you get off-Roadside Assistance for when you’re on the trails.

The off-Roadside Assitance package provides you with access to Charge Assurance, a towing service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Charge Assurance tows your vehicle to your home or the nearest Rivian charging station if you run out of battery charge.

You also get Adventure Extraction benefits, which sends a recovery vehicle to your location to extract your Rivian if it ever gets stuck while off-roading.

During the company’s launch, your Rivian Membership is complimentary. However, the company may instate an annual fee in the future.

According to the company website, Rivian Insurance can also customize coverage for more of your insurance needs, including homeowners, renters, umbrella, and more.

The additional coverage lines are also underwritten by Nationwide or The Cincinnati, and availability varies by state.

At this time, information about Rivian car insurance discounts is limited. But by bundling your home and car insurance policies with Rivian, you may earn up to a 20% rate reduction.

Be on the lookout for additional safety or customer loyalty discounts, anti-theft deals, and membership or group rate reductions as well.

Overall, Rivian Insurance offers customizable policies specifically for Rivian drivers. Unique to traditional car insurance policies, Rivian car insurance rates also cover off-roading and Rivian-branded materials.

So if you own one of these electric vehicles, add Rivian Insurance to your comparison list.

Otherwise, the company exclusively sells policies to Rivian owners only. So if you do not own an R1S or R1T, you’ll have to look elsewhere for coverage.

What states does Rivian Insurance Services LLC do business in?

Rivian Insurance Services LLC sells car and homeowners insurance in 48 states and Washington, D.C.. See the state Rivian Insurance Services LLC sells in below and click the link to see how Rivian Insurance Services LLC compares to the other top companies in that state.

Rivian Insurance Services LLC mission

Preserving the natural world. Forever.

Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
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