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How do customers rate Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company?

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are likely to renew their policy
are likely to renew their policy

Quincy Mutual Insurance: Compare Ratings, Coverage & Discounts in 2024

Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company was founded in 1851 and is located in Quincy, Massachusetts. It provides personal and business lines of insurance to the northeastern area of the United States. The company has over 275,000 policyholders and sells insurance through independent insurance agencies.

What more should you know about Quincy Mutual?

Quincy Mutual Insurance works with over 500 agents throughout the New England and New York area. You can find an agent in your area on Quincy Mutual's website. Furthermore, there are various ways to pay your bill. With Electronic Funds Transfer, payments are automatically deducted from your bank account. With the Quick Pay website, customers can make a payment using a Credit, Debit/ATM card, or a Checking/Savings account. To pay by phone, call 1-(866)-361-2795. The last option is to pay by mail, just send your payment to the following address:

Quincy Mutual Group Box 699150

Quincy, MA 02269-9150

Does Quincy Mutual Group offer discounts?

Quincy Mutual Group has a number of discounts available for policyholders to save on their homeowners and car insurance premiums. If you purchase a car and homeowners Quincy Mutual policy, you will receive a discount of up to 30 percent on homeowners and 10 percent on your car insurance. Other discounts are listed below, but keep in mind they may vary by state.

Quincy Mutual car insurance discounts

  • Multi-Car Discount: If you have two or more cars insured with Quincy Mutual, you can earn this discount.
  • Good Driver Discount: If all drivers on the policy haven't had an at-fault accident in three years, you may qualify for a 10 percent discount.
  • Low Mileage Discount: A lower premium may be available if you don't drive frequently or drive short distances.
  • Anti-Theft Devices Discount: A discount of up to 15 percent on car insurance coverages except collision will be applied if your car is equipped with anti-theft devices.
  • Good Student Discount: Students with a grade point average of 3.00 (or B) or better can earn this discount.
  • Student Away Discount: Students who go to school more than 100 miles away from where the car is stored may qualify for this discount.
  • Early Issue: Buying insurance from Quincy Mutual Group at least five days before the policy is effective can earn you a 3 percent discount for one year.

Quincy Mutual homeowners insurance discounts

  • Alarm Discount: Having smoke detectors, fire alarms and burglar alarms in your house can earn you this discount.
  • New Home Discount: Earn up to a 20 percent discount if your home was built in the past 15 years.
  • Loss Free: This discount applies if you haven't had a loss in your house in the last three years.
  • Superior Construction: You may qualify for this discount if your home was built with non-combustible materials

What coverages does Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company offer?

Before making any final decisions on your insurance company, it is important to learn as much as you can about your local insurance providers, and the coverages they offer. Call your local insurance agent to clear up any questions that you might have. Questions to consider asking include, "What is the best coverage plan for me/my family/my situation?" "What are the minimum coverage requirements in my state and what form of coverage do you recommend?" "Do you guys offer any bundle discounts if I take out both my auto insurance and home insurance with you?" and "What is the average rate of insurance quotes you guys offer?"

Before making any big insurance decisions, use our free tool to compare insurance quotes near you. It's simple, just plug in your zip code and we'll do the rest!

What states does Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company do business in?

Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company sells car insurance in 3 states, homeowners insurance in 4 states and renters insurance in 2 states. See the state Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company sells in below and click the link to see how Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company compares to the other top companies in that state.

Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company mission

To Insure Is Human. Providing insurance protection for individuals and businesses since 1851.

The Quincy Mutual Group has proudly provided consumers with insurance protection for more than 160 years. We continue to build on that tradition by using the knowledge and expertise of our employees and independent agents to meet your needs.

Today we offer a full range of insurance products to protect the property and liability needs of individuals and businesses. We offer these policies through more than 500 Independent Insurance Agents located throughout the New England states as well as New York. You can locate an agent in your area by referring to that section of our site.

Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
Compare Free Insurance Quotes Instantly
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