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Hippo Insurance Services ratings and coverages

What discounts does Hippo Insurance offer?

Hippo includes certain discounts for its products, like its companion policy (having an active car policy with another company) into the base price it offers for insurance. It has many ways for policyholders to save money on premiums with discounts such as:

  • Early Signing discount: Get a new insurance policy for your home or condo before your current policy expires and you can qualify for this Hippo discount of up to 10 percent.
  • New Home Discount: Since new homes are less likely to have problems with things that typically wear away in older homes, you save money on premiums with this discount of up to 30 percent.
  • Smart Home Discount: Having smart home devices in your home or condo will make you eligible for this discount of between 5 and 15 percent. Smart home devices include smoke detectors, alarm systems, and water leak detectors that are able to detect problems early on to help you avoid insurance claims.
  • No-Claims Discount: Earn up to a 20 percent discount with Hippo if you go a certain number of years without filing a home or condo insurance claim.
  • No-Mortgage Discount: This discount of up to 10 percent is available if you pay for your home upfront.
  • Affinity Group Discount: Being part of a certain group can save you between 5 and 20 percent on your homeowner's policy.
  • Homeowners Association (HOA) Discount: HOAs often have strict rules and a neighborhood watch that lead to your home being more protected and safer. You can earn a discount between 5 and 10 percent for being part of a homeowners' association.
  • Fire Extinguisher Discount: Save as much as five percent with Hippo by having a fire extinguisher in your home.
  • Gated Community Discount: If your home or condo is in a gated community, you may qualify for a discount between 5 and 20 percent.

What coverages does Hippo Insurance Services offer?

What more can I learn about Hippo?

Although Hippo is a tech company, it relies on real humans (not robots) for Hippo Insurance services such as claims and support via phone calls, chat, email, or tweets for a better customer experience.

Hippo has added coverage for electronics you have in your home, including smart appliances. Additionally, Hippo has unique special coverage options, including water backflow and service lines.

Hippo utilizes smart home technology with a water leak sensor included with every policy. The sensor helps to detect problems when they start. Hippo is expanding on the smart home monitoring technology it uses and will be introducing more soon.

Hippo has partnered with Xfinity to provide what it calls smart home insurance. You are eligible for certain discounts if you have any Xfinity services. Additionally, if you have certain home safety devices like Xfinity Home security, you can earn more discounts.

Before making any final decisions on your insurance company, it is important to learn as much as you can about your local insurance providers, and the coverages they offer.

Call your local insurance agent to clear up any questions that you might have. Questions to consider asking include:

  • What is the best coverage plan for me/my family/my situation?
  • What are the minimum coverage requirements in my state and what form of coverage do you recommend?
  • Do you guys offer any bundle discounts if I take out both my auto insurance and home insurance with you?
  • What is the average rate of insurance quotes you guys offer?*

Before making any big insurance decisions, use our free tool to compare insurance quotes near you. It's simple, just plug in your zip code and we'll do the rest!

What states does Hippo Insurance Services do business in?

Hippo Insurance Services sells homeowners insurance in 39 states. See the state Hippo Insurance Services sells in below and click the link to see how Hippo Insurance Services compares to the other top companies in that state.

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New Jersey

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Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
Compare Free Insurance Quotes Instantly
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