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How do customers rate Harley-Davidson Insurance?

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are likely to renew their policy
are likely to renew their policy

Harley-Davidson Insurance: Customer Ratings, Discounts & Coverages

Harley-Davidson Insurance can protect your prized motorcycle so you can have peace of mind while enjoying the freedom of your bike. It is designed specifically for Harley motorcycle riders, but other makes and models of bikes can get Harley-Davidson Insurance coverage as well. This well recognized name offers affordable motorcycle insurance primarily for those who use their motorcycle as their primary or only mode of transportation.

Harley-Davidson Insurance is an affiliate of Harley-Davidson, Inc. Motorcycle riders have been able to get motorcycle insurance from Harley-Davidson Insurance for more than 20 years. It's available in 48 states across the United States all states except Alaska and Hawaii. It's also unavailable in Washington, D.C. Harley-Davidson is underwritten by Sentry Insurance Group, which also handles any claims.

You can get a Harley-Davidson Insurance quote directly online or at most Harley-Davidson dealership locations.

What discounts does Harley-Davidson Insurance offer?

Harley-Davidson offers motorcycle insurance discounts to help lower the cost of motorcycle coverage. Here is a list of discounts you could qualify for:

  • New Bike: You could get a new bike discount if your ride is brand new. Time to hit one of your favorite motorcycle dealerships
  • H.O.G. Member: If you're a member of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), you could be eligible for a special discount
  • Motorcycle Endorsement: The motorcycle endorsement discount for motorcycle insurance is available for riders who have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver's license because they've completed an approved riding class. (This discount varies by state)
  • Experienced Rider: Have you been riding for a long time? Harley-Davidson Insurance Services offers an experienced rider motorcycle discount based on the number of years you've been a licensed rider
  • H-D Riding Academy: New Riders can take the H-D Riding Academy New Rider Course to receive a discount and also earn riding skills.
  • Home Ownership: Do you own a home? You could qualify for this discount on your policy. To qualify, you must own a house, condo, townhouse, mobile home, or modular home that is insured.
  • Prompt Payer: This company rewards motorcycle insurance policyholders who make all their payments on time. You can receive this discount at policy renewal. However, you can still benefit from multiple payment options
  • Claim-Free Renewal: If you didn't have any at-fault accidents throughout your policy period, you may be eligible for a claim-free renewal discount on your motorcycle insurance when you renew
  • Bundled Protection: When you purchase additional products, you can receive a bundled protection multi-policy or multi-vehicle discount.
  • Loyalty: This business offers a loyalty discount to policyholders who’ve been customers for more than a year and add a bike that is newer than their current one.
  • Multi-Cycle: Do you have more than one motorcycle? You could get a multi-cycle discount on motorcycle insurance for those that have more than one bike insured with the company
  • Anti-Theft: Not only will they protect your bike, but anti-theft devices can also help you get this common discount.
  • Military and Law Enforcement: Harley-Davidson Insurance offers a motorcycle insurance discount for those who serve in the military or work in law enforcement, whether active or retired

What coverages does Harley-Davidson Insurance offer?

In addition to the standard motorcycle insurance coverages of comprehensive, collision, liability, uninsured/ underinsured motorist protection, and personal injury protection coverage, Harley-Davidson also offers optional coverages that you can add to your bike insurance policy. Get extra coverage for your bike with the following Harley-Davidson coverage options.

Roadside Assistance: You can add roadside assistance for your motorcycle to your Harley-Davidson Insurance policy. Motorcycle roadside assistance helps with mechanical or electrical breakdown and helps you save money on covered services. Harley-Davidson roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day for towing (usually to the dealership closest to your location) and service for the following:

  • Fluid shortage (fuel, oil, water)
  • Battery failure
  • Lock-out (lost key)
  • Flat tire(s)

Optional Equipment: If you've modified your bike, this coverage is for you. This is one of the few companies that offers Optional Equipment coverage to protect any equipment that you've added to your bike that isn't factory standard equipment according to your bike's VIN number. If you have customized your bike, this should be accounted for in the quote process to get the most accurate quote with competitive rates.

Vacation Rental: Harley-Davidson Insurance's Vacation Rental gives you the same level of motorcycle insurance coverage on a rented bike that you have on your own bike. You will pay the same amount that you received on your original policy quote, not any extra. You can set things like this up using your online Harley-Davidson Insurance Services account. You can choose your insurance coverage options based on what makes sense for your life in general.

Bike Replacement Cost:Bike Replacement Cost coverage covers the cost to replace your motorcycle if it's totaled, rather than covering you only for the value of what your bike is worth, including depreciation. Harley-Davidson offers Bike Replacement Cost coverage that you can add to your motorcycle insurance policy.

Optional Equipment Replacement Cost: Your optional equipment will need to be replaced if your bike is totaled. There is an Optional Equipment Replacement Cost coverage that covers the cost to replace it.

Rental Reimbursement: Harley-Davidson Rental Reimbursement coverage is useful for those who have no other mode of transportation other than their bike. If your motorcycle needs repairs and cannot be driven after an accident, H-D Rental Reimbursement coverage pays for your transportation while your bike is being fixed in qualifying circumstances. You can add Rental Reimbursement coverage to your motorcycle insurance policy, which is one of the great Harley-Davidson Bike Insurance Benefits.

What more should you know about Harley-Davidson Insurance?

Harley-Davidson covers the following types of motorcycles:

  • Standard
  • Cruiser
  • Touring
  • Sportster®
  • Street Rod®
  • Softail®
  • Dyna®
  • S Series
  • Sport touring
  • Sport bike
  • Trike
  • CVO®
  • V-Rod®
  • Dual purpose
  • Scooter/moped
  • Autocycle

Harley-Davidson Insurance Services are not limited to motorcycle and special equipment coverage. This insurance agency offers other coverages such as:

  • H-D Protection Products: There are other protection products for your bike including extended service plans, planned maintenance, appearance protection and more. If you bundle with one or more H-D protection products, you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance.
  • H-D Visa Rewards Card: The H-D Visa card rewards you points for every dollar you spend using the card. Your points can be redeemed for awesome gear and also the chance to win a new bike.
  • Bike Loans: There are special bike loans designed for Harley owners.

You can purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance policy directly on the website or at most authorized dealerships.

What states does Harley-Davidson Insurance do business in?

Harley-Davidson Insurance sells motorcycle insurance in 48 states. See the state Harley-Davidson Insurance sells in below and click the link to see how Harley-Davidson Insurance compares to the other top companies in that state.






















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota





West Virginia



Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
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