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GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company ratings and coverages

GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company is a surplus lines insurer in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. In layman's terms, this means it protects against any risk that's too high for a standard insurance company to insure. GeoVera provides coverage in the coastal parts of most of the listed states because these are considered the riskiest areas for standard homeowners insurance companies. GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company is a licensed insurance company in California.

This specific Geovera provider is also a subsidiary of GeoVera Holdings Inc., it's a different insurer than Geovera Insurance Company, which provides earthquake and windstorm coverage on the West Coast.

What coverages does GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company offer?

While GeoVera offers homeowners coverage in 9 states, they only offer policies to homeowners in coastal areas. They offer comprehensive coverage plans that were specially created to meet the needs of the markets they serve. These are often high-risk flood zone areas other insurers might hesitate to insure or charge higher premiums for.

Independent brokers earn commissions from GeoVera whenever they sell one of the various property insurance products that are available. This means that surplus lines brokers have an incentive to work with clients and help them get the specialty property insurance that they need.

GeoVera is a leader in the insurance industry with the reputation and systems in place to help you get the most competitive rates on your homeowners insurance policy, property catastrophe insurance, liability insurance, and more.

In addition to homeowners insurance, GeoVera offers the following coverage:

What more should you know about GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company?

GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company's insurance products are available through some of the country's leading surplus lines and wholesale brokers. Surplus lines policies are designed to provide valuable coverage when you've been faced with denial of coverage before from a regular provider. When a financial risk is too great for a regular carrier, surplus lines products can provide people with the insurance solutions they need. Examples include windstorm hurricane insurance, catastrophic claims, residential earthquake insurance, and other instances of damages and disasters that go beyond the limits of standard residential property insurance.

These surplus lines policies available from GeoVera include homeowners, commercial coverage, vacant coverage, landlord HO3 tenant occupied, and homeowners wind only.

They also use a system that is very technically advanced and can get you a quote, get your policy approved, and get your insurance contract ready to go in a matter of minutes. Whether you're buying a home or shopping for a new policy on property you already own, GeoVera can help with targeted insurance solutions.

Wholesale broker partners sell and generally service policies. So if you have questions, need help with adjustments, etc., you can reach out to your broker.

Policyholders have the ability to go online to manage their GeoVera accounts at any time on the company website. They can review their insurance policy, file a claim, check their claim status, look at applicable policy coverages, make their payment each month, and speak to an agent. They also have the option to do all this by phone. Insurance agents are standing by to help but only during business hours. The online portal is available 24/7.

What states does GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company do business in?

GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company sells homeowners insurance in 9 states. See the state GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company sells in below and click the link to see how GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company compares to the other top companies in that state.

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New Jersey

North Carolina

Rhode Island

South Carolina


Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
Compare Free Insurance Quotes Instantly
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