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How do customers rate American Strategic Insurance Group (ASI)?

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are likely to renew their policy
are likely to renew their policy

American Strategic Insurance (ASI): Compare Ratings, Discounts & Coverages

American Strategic Insurance Company is one of the top 15 largest homeowners insurance companies in the United States. ASI is invested in providing insurance services to their consumers with a positive attitude, speed and innovation.

ASI operates as a group of insurance subsidiaries under the parent company ARX Holding Corp., for which Progressive Corp. is a controlling shareholder. ASI works through independent insurance agents instead of providing online quotes; however, you will still be able to manage your policy or make payments online. The agent model gives customers a single point of contact.

What discounts does ASI offer?

In order to provide quality service at a reasonable cost, American Strategic Insurance offers a variety of homeowners insurance discounts for those who qualify as low-risk customers. These competitive discounts for coverage can help you get a better rate - the right premiums can lead to substantial savings.These money-saving discount opportunities include:

  • Non-smoker discount
  • Protective service discount
  • New purchase discount
  • New construction discount
  • Secured community/building discount
  • Electronic policy discount
  • Window/opening protection
  • Umbrella discount
  • Paid-in-full discount

ASI also partners with auto insurance companies, including Progressive, to provide discounts for bundling your homeowners insurance. People who need other policies, such as auto insurance can bundle them for lower rates

If you like working with an established insurer backed by Progressive Insurance and want to take advantage of ASI's multiple discounts, it may be worth getting homeowners insurance quotes. Otherwise, you're likely to find a cheaper policy with better customer service from its competitors.

What coverages does American Strategic Insurance Group (ASI) offer?

ASI offers a variety of property and casualty insurance policies to fit your individual needs. Among the additional coverage options, you can purchase from ASI is flood insurance, which is included in standard homeowners policies. Flood Insurance: ASI is a provider of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) but ASI also offers flood insurance coverage as an endorsement for Florida residents that you can add to your ASI homeowners insurance policy. If you buy homeowners insurance with a flood endorsement, the flood claim can be settled through ASI.

Below is a list of other coverages that American Strategic Insurance offers.

More about American Strategic Insurance

On the ASI website, you can learn more about the insurance products the company offers, report a claim, contact your independent agent, and more. As an ASI policyholder, you can file your claim by calling its phone number or logging in to its online claims center.

Before making any final decisions on your insurance company, it is important to learn as much as you can about your local insurance providers, and the coverages they offer. Call your local insurance agent to clear up any questions that you might have. Questions to consider asking include, "What is the best coverage plan for me/my family/my situation?" "What are the minimum coverage requirements in my state and what form of coverage do you recommend?" "Do you guys offer any bundle discounts if I take out both my auto insurance and home insurance with you?" and "What is the average rate of insurance quotes you guys offer?"

Before making any big insurance decisions, use our free tool to compare insurance quotes near you. It's simple, just plug in your zip code and we'll do the rest!

What states does American Strategic Insurance Group (ASI) do business in?

American Strategic Insurance Group (ASI) sells homeowners insurance in 38 states and Washington, D.C.. See the state American Strategic Insurance Group (ASI) sells in below and click the link to see how American Strategic Insurance Group (ASI) compares to the other top companies in that state.

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Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
Compare Free Insurance Quotes Instantly
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