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How do customers rate American Modern Insurance Group?

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American Modern Insurance Ratings, Discounts & Coverages

In the niche insurance market, American Modern insurance Group focuses on specialty products. Whether you drive a collector car, motorcycle, or you go boating on the weekends, their coverage is aimed at you. Similarly, they offer residential insurance for primary homes as well as rental properties, vacation homes, and mobile homes. They even offer coverage options for vacant homes you might be trying to rent out.

While AMI does compete in the traditional market, their most popular offerings cover properties other insurers won't cover. With A+ ratings with A.M. Best, they seem to deliver on their promises, but don't expect the lowest rates.

American Modern Insurance, which began as Midland in 1949, initially only focused on mobile home finance before expanding to insurance in 1965. It later became American Modern Insurance and now offers a variety of different insurance products. American Modern, based out of Ohio, is licensed to write insurance in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Overall, American Modern's reviews talk about average customer service. They offer insurance products people have trouble finding through other insurers such as policies for a collector vehicle. In that way, they are not your typical insurance company. The insurance claim process can be delayed, and rates are higher. But their strong financial ratings mean they probably aren't going bankrupt any time soon. So they will pay valid claims. Customer complaints are inevitable, and American Modern Insurance's complaints seem to be within the normal range.

What discounts does American Modern Insurance offer?

American Modern Insurance strives to offer the best insurance coverage at the lowest possible costs. They offer a variety of discounts for snowmobile, collector car, boat, personal watercraft, motorcycle, ATV and golf cart insurance.

American Modern snowmobile insurance discounts

  • Safety Course: Completion of a snowmobile safety course could save American Modern Insurance customers up to 10 percent
  • Renewal: Renewing an American Modern Insurance policy for subsequent years could save policyholders 10 percent each year
  • Association Membership: American Modern Insurance customers could save 5 percent for belonging to an approved snowmobile association
  • Insuring Multiple Units: Insuring two or more snowmobiles with American Modern could save customers up to 15 percent

American Modern collector car insurance discounts

  • Car Club Membership: A 10 percent discount can be applied to American Modern Insurance customers who are members of an approved club
  • Anti-Theft Device: Vehicles insured American Modern and equipped with alarms, active disabling device, VIN etching and electronic vehicle ID systems could save customers up to 44 percent
  • Accident Prevention Course: Policyholders who complete an approved accident prevention course are able to receive a discount of up to 10 percent in certain states

American Modern boat and personal watercraft insurance discounts

  • Prior Insurance: American Modern Insurance offers a 15 percent discount to new customers without a lapse in coverage and a 10 percent discount if the lapse is less than 30 days (boat insurance discount only)
  • Loss Free renewal: Customers save up to 5 percent on their first renewal and 10 percent on subsequent renewals
  • Experience: Rates will be adjusted to reflect boating experience (boat insurance discount only)
  • Diesel Fuel Engine: Boats equipped with a diesel fuel engine are eligible for a 5 percent discount with American Modern Insurance
  • Insuring Multiple Units: Insuring more than one personal watercraft with American Modern could save customers up to 10 percent on their policy (personal watercraft discount only)

American Modern motorcycle insurance discounts

  • Homeownership: American Modern customers can receive a 20 percent motorcycle discount for owning a home
  • Claim-free renewal: American Modern policyholders can save 3 percent on their first renewal and five percent each subsequent years renewal
  • Transferring Your Policy to Us: Save up to 10 percent with by joining American Modern with no lapse in coverage and a 1 percent discount if the lapse is less than 30 days
  • Insuring Multiple Units: Policyholders could receive a discount of up to 10 percent for insuring two motorcycles or a 15 percent discount for insuring three or more
  • American Modern ATV and golf cart insurance discounts

  • Home Ownership: American Modern customers could receive a 20 percent discount if they've been homeowners for three or more years
  • Claim-Free Renewal: Customers can save up to 3 percent on their first renewal and 5 percent on each subsequent renewal
  • Transferring Your Policy to Us: Save up to 10 percent with no lapse in coverage and lapse in coverage and a one percent discount if the lapse is less than 30-days
  • Insuring Multiple Units: Save 10 percent when you insure two ATVs with American Modern or 15 percent when you insure three

What coverages does American Modern Insurance Group offer?

What coverages does American Modern Insurance Group offer?

American Modern's focus is on specialty insurance products. It offers many specialty insurance policies tailored to the specific needs of your specialty vehicle or home. American Modern protects most things that a lot of other insurance companies won't insure, including full-time homes. If your home is too far from a fire station, is older or is valued differently than the average home value in your neighborhood, you may have a hard time finding affordable homeowners insurance, but American Modern accepts these types of homes.

Motorcycle Insurance: American Modern motorcycle insurance offers replacement cost coverage for your bike that doesn't expire as your bike gets older as well as $3,000 in accessory coverage included on your policy. American Modern motorcycle insurance covers most types of bikes including cruiser, SuperSport, Touring, dirt bike, trike conversion, moped, dual purpose bike, standard bike and scooter. American Modern offers a similar policy for golf carts and all-terrain vehicles.

Classic Car Insurance: American Modern's classic car insurance covers muscle cars, classic cars, antiques, exotics, street rods, custom cars, kit cars, Cobra replicas, race cars, trucks, motorcycles, military vehicles, tractors, fire engines and cars with restorations in process.

Vacation Home Insurance: American Modern offers insurance for vacation or seasonal homes. Whether your home is a cottage, cabin or investment property on a resort, American Modern can protect it with vacation home insurance.

Mobile Home Insurance: When American Modern was first established, it began by offering mobile home insurance. American Modern doesn't place age restrictions on mobile homes for insurance coverage. It can cover all types and sizes of mobile homes including single-wide, double-wide, triple-wide and two-story modular mobile homes.

Below is a list of all the additional coverages, including the ones above, that American Modern offers.

Specialty Coverage

ATV insurance

Specialty Coverage

Antique muscle car insurance

Specialty Coverage

Classic car insurance

Specialty Coverage

Commercial auto insurance

Specialty Coverage

Golf cart insurance

Specialty Coverage

Snowmobile Insurance

Specialty Coverage

Vintage motorcycle insurance

More about American Modern Insurance

The newest offering from American Modern Insurance Group is coverage for your pet. Their pet health insurance provides several options for cats and dogs. It includes general office visits, vaccinations, spay/neuter/ micro chipping, and teeth cleaning.

American Modern Insurance offers EZPay where customers can opt to have automatic withdrawals made from a bank or charged on a credit card every month.

Claims can be filed by phone through a 24/7 toll-free line: 1-800-375-2075, by mail, fax, or even online.

To learn about insurance options, make a payment, file a claim, manage your account, visit the American Modern Insurance website.

What states does American Modern Insurance Group do business in?

American Modern Insurance Group sells car and motorcycle insurance in 48 states and homeowners insurance in 49 states and Washington, D.C.. See the state American Modern Insurance Group sells in below and click the link to see how American Modern Insurance Group compares to the other top companies in that state.

collage of vehicles including a motorcycle, vintage truck, classic car, scooter and golf cart.  The caption says "Yes we cover that!"  American Modern company banner.

District Of Columbia

Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
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