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How do customers rate American Integrity Insurance Group?

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are likely to renew their policy
are likely to renew their policy

American Integrity Insurance Group ratings and coverages

Whether you're a full-time Floridian or a snowbird who flies in for winter, American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida markets to you. They promise solutions that make sense with Florida's sometimes turbulent weather patterns and agents who are part of your community.

American Integrity sells a range of home insurance products from high valued homes to condos and renters properties. They also offer policies for golf carts, small boats, cyber risk, and umbrella policies. You can get insurance quotes for one or several of these policies.

Even if you only fly in seasonally, it's essential to have full home coverage in Florida. Florida hurricanes can destroy homes in seconds, and competitive rates protect your home without breaking the bank. Especially in homeowners insurance, it's become increasingly common to see companies that only cater to areas like Florida due to the risk of natural disaster. Many national companies don't want to assume the risk or their rates are so high the average homeowner can't afford them. American Integrity Insurance Group attempts to bridge this gap.

How Can You Save on Insurance Premiums with American Integrity Insurance Group?

The base insurance rate may be lower for some companies than others. You won't have your real rate until you factor in all applicable discounts. The following discounts are offered to American Integrity Insurance customers. Note that not all discounts are available on all policy types.

  • Accredited Builder - Your home is newly constructed within the last five years of getting your quote
  • Multi-program Discount - Available to policyholders that have multiple HO3 policies. This applies if you buy multiple policies with American Integrity.
  • Proof of Updates - If your home is older than 15 years and the roof has been updated in the last 5 years. This has recently been updated to apply to the roof only.
  • Protective Devices - Your home has protective devices such as a burglar alarm system or a fire sprinkler system, you could qualify for a discount. The same applies if you live in a secured community with limited access, 24-hour manned gates, 24-hour security patrol, and passkey gates.
  • Senior/Retiree - Available to policy holders 55 years of age or older.
  • Secured Community - Florida homeowners that live in a gated community that is manned 24 hours, has security patrol and passkey gates can get this discount.

What should you know about American Integrity Insurance Group?

This insurance provider offers flood insurance policies. Unlike many flood insurance policies, there is no waiting time for the flood insurance to go into effect.

American Integrity Insurance also offers an X-wind insurance policy for homeowners, condo, dwelling fire, and vacant home products. X-Wind policies exclude coverage for damage caused by wind, hail, tornadoes, and tropical storms. Of course, in Florida, if you don't have hurricane coverage on your main policy, you should make sure you get a separate policy. If you have a mortgage, your lender may require it.

On the business website, you can make a payment, review your policy, take a satisfaction survey or contact your agent. Additionally, you can file a claim and check the status of a submitted claim.

You can also make a claim via phone 24/7 at 1-866-277-9871. For claims for damage in a tropical storm or hurricane you can call 1-844-MYAIIC1.

On the reviews, there are some complaints specifically about the claims process. Unfortunately, this is very common when natural disasters hit because everybody is filing claims at the same time. Some American Integrity reviews indicate claims took longer in routine instances as well.

Should You Choose American Integrity for Your Comprehensive Home Insurance?

For many homeowners, price is the biggest deciding factor in confident insurance decisions. How much are you going to pay for your annual premiums? Some companies offer low prices and great service. In other cases, companies offer low rates to make up for complaints against insurance protocols.

The claims process can be delayed with American Integrity. Overall, many customers seem happy with the service and rates. The best way to choose your policy is by getting a quote and comparing your options.

What states does American Integrity Insurance Group do business in?

American Integrity Insurance Group sells homeowners and renters insurance in 1 state. See the state American Integrity Insurance Group sells in below and click the link to see how American Integrity Insurance Group compares to the other top companies in that state.

American Integrity Insurance Group mission

Integrity is more than a promise. Integrity is who we are.

Save Money by Comparing Insurance Quotes
Compare Free Insurance Quotes Instantly
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