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Compare Car Insurance Quotes
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While everyone’s looking for ways to save on their insurance bills, it's also important to look at the value that you will receive in return.

Teachers are especially good at this. When they’re paying out of pocket for classroom supplies, no one knows how to work the dollar store or bargain bins to make the most of their money like a teacher.

If you’re a teacher shopping for car insurance, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for the coverage you need. Let’s dive in!

Questions teachers should ask when shopping for insurance

Teachers may have unique insurance needs, so it’s a good idea to have a few questions ready for any potential insurer. When shopping for insurance, make sure to consider asking the following questions. These can help make sure that you’re fully covered and getting the best deal for your insurance.

  • Do you have a car insurance teacher discount?
  • What coverage is there for me at school functions?
  • Do you offer coverage if I tutor a student in my home?
  • Am I covered if I bring my school-owned laptop home?

Meemic car insurance for teachers

Meemic Insurance Company (Meemic profile on Clearsurance.com), which was founded by teachers for teachers in Michigan more than 70 years ago, offers all these and more. In addition to Michigan, Meemic also offers insurance in Illinois, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Here are some special benefits and coverage for teachers:

  • Teacher savings of up to 40% plus extra discounts for newly certified teachers.
  • Waived deductible for collision losses within 500 feet of school property and covered comprehensive losses to your car on school property.
  • Special liability coverage when you occasionally give students a ride to or from school events.
  • Coverage for school property used at home and personal property used at school.
  • Special liability coverage for teachers, professors and school administrators.
  • Special liability coverage for tutoring students in your home.
  • Fundraising coverage up to $1,000 for theft of money or goods being held by you for collection and/or distribution for a school-sponsored event.

You can get a quote for Meemic car insurance online now.

Additional Tips for Saving Money on Insurance

In addition to what was discussed above, here are a few additional tips for teachers to save money on their insurance policies:

  • Increase deductibles: You can lower your overall premium by increasing your deductible for things like collision or comprehensive coverages on your car and your homeowners policy deductibles.
  • Install security devices: Extra safety features on your auto and house can save you money on your premium.
  • Bundle your home and auto insurance: Most companies, including Meemic, offer a discount for keeping both "in the family.” Bundling means you’ll have both home and auto insurance on the same policy with the same company.
  • Be a safe driver: Avoid moving violations such as speeding and reckless driving to reduce the possibility of accidents and help keep your premium down.
  • Pay in full: Many carriers offer discounts for paying the policy in full rather than in installments.

For more information on teacher car insurance, visit our blog about the Best car insurance for teachers.

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Get free personalized quotes with one simple form

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